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Midnight Lunch?

My latest ​book Midnight Lunch, reveals how you can begin applying Edison's world-changing collaboration process in your teams now.  Read how to:

- Make collaboration thrive
- Foster collaborative dialogue
- Groom innovation catalysts
- Propel collaborative innovation

In this 4-minute video, learn about the origins of Edison's midnight lunch collaboration sessions. Filmed by McGladrey - a firm that serves businesses in the manufacturing sector - hear how Midnight Lunch became ​a powerful accelerator for small innovation teams in Edison's labs.



Midnight Lunch In Fast Company

Read about Midnight Lunch in Fast Company magazine! Learn how Thomas Edison applied his four phases of collaboration success to small teams, achieving big innovation results: Capacity, Context, Coherence, and Complexity. 




Midnight Lunch

Lab Opens In

San Diego

Designed and built by leading manufacturing firm Bi-Link, the new Midnight Lunch Lab in San Diego is a unique collaboration space for engineers and technical teams. The lab serves as a "third place" for groups engaged in innovation for wide-ranging challenges involving product development and new ways of serving customers.

In his world-changing Menlo Park lab, Thomas Edison worked with small teams in intensive collaborations after hours that became known as "midnight lunch" sessions.Edison would return to the lab at 7 PM to check on his experiments, then engage other employees in dialogue who were also staying late. Edison ordered in food at 9 PM so the intensive discussions could continue until midnight.

Today, Midnight LunchTM collaboration sessions can be facilitated either live or virtually from Bi-Link's Hardware StoreTM locations or any other conference room in your organization. Drawing together a diverse team of problem-solvers using the same "thinking tools" Edison used, it's possible to record the entire collaboration session using Think Tank software.

Midnight Lunch aligns teams for radical productivity early on in their innovation efforts. One 6-hour Midnight Lunch session delivers an outcome equivalent to  60-hours of team meeting time.

Does your team need to break new ground? Do you have the tools to bring disruptive thinking to your innovation challenges? 

Read about the radical productivity your team can experience using Midnight Lunch, or contact us to schedule a free Midnight Lunch virtual collaboration preview here.  


Forbes Innovation


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What Would Thomas Edison Say About The Future Of Engineering?

Listen to my VoiceAmerica radio interview with David Goldberg, a highly accomplished engineer and former University of Illinois engineering professor, and author of A Whole New Engineering. Hear our dialogues on what changes Thomas Edison would make to teaching engineering in higher education today. Dave is passionate about reforming the way engineering is taught in the US, and offers unique perspectives on this topic.

Download the Audible.com Version of Midnight Lunch

Now you can share Midnight Lunch with your entire team anywhere in the world! Download the new audio version from Audible.com, Plus, work with your team on the collaboration concepts presented in the book using these free worksheets!  


Why Is Thomas Edison Still Relevant Today?

Offering the largest learning 2015 marks the fifth year that the 92nd Street Y in New York City has featured Genius Week - an in-depth examination of genius. The team at the 92nd St Y has highlighted Edison ​as part of this year's Genius Week program! Watch this quick 3-minute video for thoughts on ways we can see many of Edison's revolutionary technologies present in the smartphone!


"Inventing the Future, Edison Style"

Sarah Miller Caldicott's TEDx Speech



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