Sarah's workshops are customized to fit your innovation and collaboration goals.  Each program features a combination of rich content delivered in an interactive format which engages participants in dialogue and hands-on experiences. 

Sarah also features simulation programs which allow workshop members to apply principles learned in the workshop to real-world challenge they are tackling right now in current project work. 

Choose from the following themes, or create an innovation theme you would like Sarah to address. Workshops are offered in half-day, full-day, or multi-day formats:

Innovation and the Technical Mind: Breakthrough Strategies from Thomas Edison

    • Learn new methods for unleashing the creativity of technically-oriented workers
    • Identify how technically-minded employees can work more collaboratively with others

Reskilling Your Workforce for Innovation Success

    • Learn why workforce reskilling is crucial for innovation success in the coming decade
    • Understand the meaning of reskilling and how to foster an environment where reskilling can flourish
    • Recognize the linkage between reskilling and workforce engagement
    • Identify the top 3 most crucial areas for reskilling and how to leverage them in a multi-generational workforce

A Day In Edison’s Laboratory: Exploring the Five Competencies of Innovation

    • Understand how an innovation mindset, problem-solving, culture, team design, and value creation intersect
    • Bring a current business challenge into this session, and use Edison's innovation tools to newly examine it
    • Identify where key gaps in collaboration may be stalling your innovation efforts
    • Complete an innovation assessment to determine where your team holds its greatest innovation strengths
For additional programs, click here to download Sarah's Speaker One-Sheet. 

Edison’s Notebook:

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Build Competitive Advantage Using Edison’s Five Competencies of Innovation™

We work with organizations that want to ​develop new innovation capability, driving growth and creating relevance. Drawing upon the timeless innovation methods that propelled Edison's success, contact us for a consultation about how our live and virtual innovation training programs, workshops, and collaboration experiences can help your teams:

  • Think and work like innovators
  • Create a common language for innovation
  • Identify growth platforms for profitable new products and services
  • Create true collaboration
  • Develop creative problem-solving skills

What processes for innovation do you have in place? Contact us to learn how you can begin to Innovate Like Edison starting now.