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PODCAST - 800CEOread interviews Sarah Miller Caldicott about her new book, Midnight Lunch

Click here to listen to Sarah's one-hour live podcast with 800CEOread, offering insight into why collaboration is a crucial superskill today, ways collaboration can be used to drive an innovation culture, and why it's crucial to reskill workers to develop a collaboration competency.

RADIO INTERVIEW ON NPR: How Can Thomas Edison's 5 Competencies of Innovation Drive Competitive Advantage Today?

Click here to listen Sarah's 60-minute live NPR radio interview with distinguished host Joseph Cooper. Sarah reveals how Edison’s Five Competencies of Innovation™ can be used to drive competitive advantage for individuals, teams, and companies.

RADIO INTERVIEW, VOICE OF AMERICA: Collaboration vs. Teamwork

Click here to find Sarah's 60-minute interview (Jan 31, 2013) with author and business coach Chris Efessiou, describing how we can apply Thomas Edison's revolutionary collaboration methods in business and in life. Sarah offers specifics on how collaboration differs from teamwork, and what we can do to encourage individual behaviors that prompt collaboration success.

RADIO INTERVIEW ON WJR, DETROIT: What would Thomas Edison Say to the Demise of the Light Bulb?

Click here to listen to Sarah’s live radio interview with Hall of Fame broadcaster Frank Beckmann of WJR in Detroit, Michigan, and her comments on what Edison would say about the “new” compact fluorescent light bulb and the phasing out of the incandescent bulb that Edison invented.

PODCAST - Jim Reith of WSYR Radio in Syracuse, NY, interviews Sarah Miller Caldicott about America’s innovation culture

Click here to listen to Sarah's 10-minute interview with award-winning broadcaster Jim Reith. Does the U.S. have a unique culture of innovation?

PODCAST - Sarah Interviews Dr. Carol Pletcher, Former Chief Innovation Officer for Cargill

Click here to Listen to Sarah's Interview with Dr. Pletcher. In this 60-minute podcast, Sarah interviews Cargill’s former Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Carol Pletcher. Carol shares her views on how innovation should be rewarded in organizations today.

PODCAST - How Can Edison's Five Competencies of Innovation Enhance Success if Life?

In this 30-minute live telephone interview with author Suzanne Falter-Barnes, Sarah reveals how Edison’s innovation methods can boost success in our personal lives, as well as our work lives.


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Build Competitive Advantage Through Edison’s Five Competencies of Innovation™

I work with organizations that want to bring innovation to their center of their business practices so they can drive growth and create relevance. Drawing upon the timeless innovation methods that propelled Edison's success, I offer innovation training programs, workshops, keynote speeches, and live collaboration experiences that:

  • Inspire you to think like an innovator
  • Create a common language for innovation
  • Identify growth platforms for profitable new products and services
  • Create true collaboration
  • Develop creative problem-solving skills

What processes for innovation do you have in place? Contact me to learn how you can begin to Innovate Like Edison starting now.