Speech Topics and Program Descriptions

Choose one of these themes for your next conference keynote, leadership seminar, workshop, or executive retreat!.
Sarah brings each topic to life through a blend of rich content delivery and interactive audience engagement: 

Turning onYour Light Bulb: How Edison's 5 Competencies of Innovation Build Competitive Advantage

    • Learn how to think like an innovator and develop new market space
    • Solve problems from multiple angles by developing new context and new questions
    • Drive breakthroughs in team design and team communication
    • Establish a culture of innovation that appeals to different generations of workers
    • Adopt market-moving approaches to value creation and development of new business models

Innovate Like Edison: From Imagination to Innovation in the Digital Era

    • Identify how to tap new resources for innovation success using virtual networks
    • Learn why smart layers are better than hierarchies for innovation teams today
    • Accelerate the adoption of dialogue and debate as a core team practice
    • Acknowledge the realities of work style differences represented by Generation Y

Midnight Lunch with Thomas Edison: Unleashing the Innovation Power of Collaboration

    • Learn why small, diverse teams are a crucial foundation for collaboration success
    • Understand why teamwork and collaboration are not the same thing
    • Drive rapid learning through questioning and experimenting
    • Create new potential for inspirational leaders to emerge in your organization
    • Adopt practices which allow you to develop collective intelligence around key projects

Innovation and the Technical Mind: Breakthrough Strategies from Thomas Edison

    • Learn new methods for unleashing the creativity of technically-oriented workers
    • Identify how technically-minded employees can work more collaboratively with others

Reskilling Your Workforce for Innovation Success

    • Learn why workforce reskilling is crucial for innovation success in the coming decade
    • Understand the meaning of reskilling and how to foster an environment where reskilling can flourish
    • Recognize the linkage between reskilling and workforce engagement
    • Identify the top 3 most crucial areas for reskilling and how to leverage them in a multi-generational workforce

A Day In Edison’s Laboratory: Exploring the Five Competencies of Innovation

    • Understand how an innovation mindset, problem-solving, culture, team design, and value creation intersect
    • Bring a current business challenge into this session, and use Edison's innovation tools to newly examine it
    • Identify where key gaps in collaboration may be stalling your innovation efforts
    • Complete an innovation assessment to determine where your team holds its greatest innovation strengths

Edison’s Notebook:

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Build Competitive Advantage Using Edison’s Five Competencies of Innovation™

We work with organizations that want to ​develop new innovation capability, driving growth and creating relevance. Drawing upon the timeless innovation methods that propelled Edison's success, contact us for a consultation about how our live and virtual innovation training programs, workshops, and collaboration experiences can help your teams:

  • Think and work like innovators
  • Create a common language for innovation
  • Identify growth platforms for profitable new products and services
  • Create true collaboration
  • Develop creative problem-solving skills

What processes for innovation do you have in place? Contact us to learn how you can begin to Innovate Like Edison starting now.