Midnight Lunch Reviews from the Innovation Community

Edison's 4 C's of Collaboration: Capacity, Context, Coherence, Complexity

Kaihan Krippendorff, business author and innovation blogger for Fast Company, posted this review detailing the 4C's of Collaboration in Midnight Lunch

Collaboration is a Superskill

Noted leader of 800CEOread, Jack Covert, offers praise for Midnight Lunch along with comments about how Edison's collaboration methods are a superskill for executives today.

Collaboration Means "Anticipate and Create"

Verne Harnish, CEO of Gazelles, Inc. is a Fortune.com blogger and the author of two best-selling business books. Verne's dynamic review of Midnight Lunch is taken from his weekly newsletter, called "Verne's Insights." Chapter 2 was his favorite part! 

Collaboration Is a Form of Metalogue

Matt Greeley, CEO and co-founder of Brightidea software, penned the foreword to Midnight Lunch. Read what the Brightidea innovation community says about my new book, and how Edison's 4 phases of true collaboration impact the future of innovation itself. 

Midnight Lunch is for Digital Hunters and Gatherers

Renowned culture scout Patricia Martin recommends Midnight Lunch as a must-read resource for teams in the digital era, particularly those which must document their work as they create and synthesize new thinking.


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Check out reviews of Midnight Lunch from these respected bloggers:

Kaihan Krippendorff of Fast Company

Verne Harnish of Fortune.com

Jack Covert of 800CEOread

Julie Anixter, co-founder of the Innovation Excellence comm'y

The Brightidea innovation community

Forbes blogger John Nosta

Culture scout Patricia Martin


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