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About Midnight Lunch

“Caldicott powerfully updates Edison’s collaboration process for use by organizations operating
in today’s hyper-competitive global economy. If you’re looking for a way to accelerate growth
through innovation, this book offers deep insights on why collaboration is the ‘superskill’ that
will drive success.”
—Verne Harnish, CEO, Gazelles, author, The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time

“Organizations today often fail to engage collaboration as a crucial part of their innovation
process. Caldicott reminds us that Edison’s world-changing success stemmed in large
measure from his collaborative culture. Midnight Lunch updates Edison’s approach for the
twenty-first century, offering a practical guide for developing nimble collaborations.”
— Vijay Govindarajan, Earl C. Daum Professor of International Business,
Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College; coauthor, Reverse Innovation

Midnight Lunch inspires action to orchestrate and groom multidisciplinary rock bands in an
organization, not just individual rock stars, creating extraordinary results.”
—Manish Tangri, Associate Director, New Business, Intel Corporation

“In an evermore complex and rapidly changing digital world, Caldicott effectively demonstrates
the importance of collaboration as a crucial ‘superskill’ necessary for rapid innovation today.
Read Midnight Lunch. Engage your people. Build collaborative networks. And innovate!”
— Maria Thompson, Director of Innovation Strategy, Motorola Solutions

About Sarah's Programs

"Motorola's International Women's Business Council recently selected Sarah Miller Caldicott to speak at our International Women’s Day Conference on the importance of diversity to innovation efforts. Sarah is a lively and articulate speaker who engaged the audience in an exploration of the variety of skills necessary for successful innovation implementation. Sarah and her book are truly an inspiration!”
- Maria Thompson, Director of Innovation Strategy, Motorola Solutions

"At Google, we are excited to have only the most creative and dynamic authors come speak about their work. Sarah's presentation conveyed her passion for innovation and her commitment to sharing valuable insights on 'innovation literacy' with the rest of the world. We all learned a great deal from her inspiring speech.”
- Tyler Shores, Director of Authors@Google, Google

"The Coldwell Banker brand has always been innovative since day one, but with Sarah’s guidance, we have been able to drive our work around new business models and ‘revenue discovery’ in a more organized, structured and productive manner. Sarah's work has helped propel us forward. She has shown us why innovation is the best competitive advantage any company can have.”
- Jim Stevenson, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Coldwell Banker (Ohio NRT Companies)

"We selected Sarah Miller Caldicott as the keynote speaker for our Learning Leaders Conference. Sarah inspired us with her extraordinary knowledge of Edison’s innovation competencies, as well as her business experience. We all left the conference feeling motivated to look at ways of shifting our processes, and increasing innovation in our organizations.”
- Dirk Tussing, Executive Director, Learning Executive Exchange

"I wanted to thank you for your outstanding presentation at the annual conference for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. It was very professional and quite interesting. Your book will also make interesting reading for me over the next several days.”
- Rick Hagfors, Past Chairman, Society of Manufacturing Engineers

"I really enjoyed the day I spent at your Innovate Like Edison immersion seminar. The mind mapping exercise you used in the Kaleidoscopic Thinking section of the course prompted me to use that tool more often, and I have had excellent results. I also shared your comments with my entire team. Thank you!”
- Dean Miller, Engineering Supervisor, Cascade Engineering

"Sarah was a terrific addition to our conference! Not only did she speak knowledgeably about integrating more innovation into the workplace – a topic that every audience member was eager to learn more about – she also led a terrific interactive session later in the day that engaged everyone in a much deeper understanding of how the innovation process works. Our audience went away excited to begin integrating their new learning immediately.”
- Denise Brosseau, President & Co-Founder, Invent Your Future Enterprises

"Your talk on how to apply Edison’s innovation principles for innovation in business was outstanding. I really enjoyed learning more about Edison’s prolific life and work...and how the Menlo Park culture was so influential to the development of the ‘flat’ organization that supports innovation to this day.”
- Lisa Gundry, Ph.D., Director for the Center for Creativity and Innovation, DePaul University

"Sarah has an ability to take simple ideas and make then concrete, accessible and incredibility powerful. She is an engaging, enthusiastic, well-informed speaker on innovation.”
- Anita Brick, Director of Career Advancement Programs, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

"Sarah was a joy to have as a speaker in our Master of Product Development program at the McCormick School of Engineering. She truly brought Edison to life to our professional graduate students. Her book, Innovate Like Edison, is one of the textbooks for our Creativity and Innovation class. Her presentation added to the power of her book, offering our students deeper insights to the subject of innovation. We will continue to use Sarah as a lecturer in the program and will continue to use her book.”
- Walter Herbst, Director, Master of Product Development Program, McCormick School of Engineering, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

"Sarah’s speech received the highest rating that our audience members have ever given to a speaker for a business presentation. Our participants were engaged, enlightened and invigorated to go back and look more deeply at their team’s innovation process.”
- Gautam Sinha, Director of Technology with Remote Applications, Emerson

"Coastal Technologies Group, Inc. was privileged to have Sarah Miller Caldicott as our keynote speaker for the annual Coastal Prize for Innovation. Sarah distilled Edison’s lessons on innovation and optimism in a way that is directly relevant today. In fact, Edison’s methods are now "make or break” skills that every company must embrace. Present for Sarah’s talk were CEO’s of some of today’s most innovative organizations, and all felt the direct relevance of Sarah’s insights.”
- Richard Kane, Founder, Coastal Technologies

About Innovate Like Edison

"...Innovate Like Edison is one of the outstanding books of the year...”
--The National Press Club

"Innovate Like Edison fully captures the inspiration – perspiration – and best practices required for innovation success today. This book offers you a step-by-step blueprint on how to incorporate this critical thinking into your life and business.”
-Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, Chairman and Founder, X PRIZE Foundation

"This is an urgently important book. The only competitive advantage, whatever our field of endeavor, will be our ability to innovate and this is the concrete, "how to" blueprint for putting all of us, including our nation, back on this critical path. I'm not just reading, but studying this book with my children!"
-Verne Harnish, CEO, Gazelles Inc., author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits

"Edison’s innovation competencies are precisely what high tech needs today. Innovate Like Edison is required reading for executives, managers and engineers alike; and will help them break free from quarterly fiscal demands that blind one into short-term automate-the-past approaches.”
-Andrew J. Stein, Chief Marketing Officer and Geoscientist, Paradigm Geophysical, BV

"By drawing on the wealth of documents available in the Edison archive, Gelb and Caldicott in this very readable book take lessons from Edison’s career, and make them accessible to anyone looking for practical advice on the always difficult task of making Innovation work now.”
-Dr. Paul Israel, Director, The Thomas A. Edison Papers at Rutgers University, author Edison: A Life of Invention



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