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Each archived edition of Edison’s Notebook contains powerful insights on Edison’s world-changing innovation methods, and how you can apply them in your organization today. 

After nearly 5 years of writing Edison's Notebook as a monthly newsletter, Sarah transitioned to a blog format in April 2012. Now you can receive Sarah's Edison’s Notebook posts by simply entering your name and email address in the upper right section of this page. Sign up today!

To review the archived monthly editions of Edison’s Notebook, click on any link below.

2012 Newsletter Editions

Edison’s Notebook: How Thomas Edison Set Goals - January 2012 

2011 Newsletter Editions

Edison’s Notebook: Bridging the Gap Between Collaboration and Innovation - December 2011 

Edison’s Notebook: TEDx talk, ebook: "Inventing the Future" - November 2011

Edison’s Notebook: Lessons from Intel and Edison - How Innovators Envision the Future - September 2011

Edison’s Notebook: Is Steve Jobs the 21st Century Edison? How Inspirational Leaders Drive Innovation - August 2011

Edison’s Notebook: How Collaboration Drives 100x Team Productivity: The New Building Blocks - July 2011

Edison’s Notebook: Innovation and the DNA of Group Intelligence - May 2011

Edison’s Notebook: How Visual Thinking Drives Innovation Power - April 2011

Edison's Notebook: Innovating Through Dense Networks - February 2011

Edison's Notebook: Optimizing your Innovation IQ - January 2011

2010 Newsletter Editions

Edison's Notebook: Innovation at the Crossroads - December 2010

Edison's Notebook: Trends as Innovation Transformers - November 2010

Edison's Notebook: How Innovation Teams Can Master Complexity - September 2010

Edison's Notebook: Innovation and Complexity - 3 Ways to Ramp Up Your Mindset - August 2010

Edison's Notebook: How Collaborative Leaders Engage Innovation - June 2010

Edison's Notebook: Innovation Power Evident at 2010 Edison Awards - May 2010

Edison's Notebook: The Innovation Power of Uniqueness - March 2010

Edison's Notebook: How to Design a Winning Innovation Team - February 2010

Edison's Notebook: The Innovator's Two Big Secrets: How to Expand Creativity and Risk-Taking - January 2010

2009 Newsletter Editions

Edison's Notebook: Rewarding vs. Recognizing Innovation - Which Is Better? - December 2009

Edison's Notebook: Hiring Innovation-minded Employees - October 2009

Edison's Notebook: Waging Disruptive Innovation - September 2009

Edison's Notebook: Ready, Aim, Reset: Linking Innovation Teams to Your Business Model - August 2009

Edison's Notebook: Innovation Force Multipliers - June 2009

Edison's Notebook: The Creativity Revolution - Igniting Innovation- May 2009

Edison's Notebook: Innovation Excellence Sizzles at 2009 Edison Awards - April 2009

Edison's Notebook: Adapter or Innovator: Which Are You?- March 2009

Edison's Notebook: Creative Workspaces Drive Innovation - February 2009

Edison's Notebook: Aligning Goals and Passions - January 2009

2008 Newsletter Editions

Edison's Notebook: How Thomas Edison Invented the Future - December 2008

Edison's Notebook: Learning From Edison's Ability to "Maintain Innovation Optimism" in Tough Times - November 2008

Edison's Notebook: Diversity: The Driver Behind Edison's Unique Innovation Chemistry - October 2008

Edison's Notebook: The Innovation Power of Improvisation and Play - September 2008

Edison's Notebook: Creating a Flat Organization - August 2008

Edison's Notebook: Communicate Like an Innovator - July 2008

Edison's Notebook: Busting Innovation Stereotypes - June 2008


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